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  • Solve healthcare inventory management with technology
    Think for a second about ordering pizza with a group of friends. You’ve got one person who loves sausage but hates olives, another who has to have peppers and doesn’t eat meat, and a third who insists on pineapple for reasons beyond anyone’s understanding. Nobody can agree on toppings, so you order a pizza for everyone. Each person eats from their personal pie and throws out what they can’t finish. It’s a ridiculously wasteful idea, right? And yet something similar happens every day... Read More
  • Additional funding positions Jump Technologies for growth in hospital supply chain market
    You may have seen coverage recently of the new round of funding Jump Technologies received (visit our In the News page for more). The $2 million in follow-on Series B funding brought our total for this round to $5.5 million. It’s an investment we will put toward broader product development and an expansion of our national sales efforts.   An increased focus on our sales footprint and our cloud-based hospital inventory management solution will allow Jump Technologies to help more hospitals... Read More
  • AI and machine learning in hospital supply chain solutions
    The technology industry is getting steadily better at training computers to fetch information, respond to simple everyday commands, and streamline our work and our daily lives. Think about the Netflix algorithms that recommend what you should watch next, or the mapping apps that automatically calculate travel time to your common destinations. This kind of automation is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) and it also has the potential to dramatically change hospital inven... Read More

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