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  • AI and machine learning in hospital supply chain solutions
    The technology industry is getting steadily better at training computers to fetch information, respond to simple everyday commands, and streamline our work and our daily lives. Think about the Netflix algorithms that recommend what you should watch next, or the mapping apps that automatically calculate travel time to your common destinations. This kind of automation is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) and it also has the potential to dramatically change hospital inven... Read More
  • Be prepared for seasonal changes that affect hospital inventory needs
    Healthcare inventory management will never be entirely predictable. Accidents don’t adhere to a schedule. But the utilization of supplies in a hospital is affected by seasonal changes, and if you have the data to understand how those seasons affect supply management in hospitals, you can ensure you’re prepared for whatever may come.   We’re not just talking about the four seasons we’re all familiar with, though northern hospitals are certainly more likely to see car crash-related in... Read More
  • Smart inventory management does more with less
    “Do more with less” is a common directive in the modern hospital. And because a hospital’s second biggest expense, after labor, is inventory, supply chain professionals are always looking for ways to ensure clinicians have the supplies they need — when and where they need them — and that hospital supply chain solutions minimize time spent stocking and restocking shelves.   That was the challenge at Grand View Health, a highly-regarded hospital in the Philadelphia area. They came t... Read More

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