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  • Bridging the data divide
    Have you ever had an important discussion with someone who only sort of speaks your language? You can communicate well enough to get by, but because the information at the foundation of your conversation doesn’t quite match, the conversation goes nowhere. A similar situation occurs every day in hospitals, where supply chain professionals who are responsible for ordering supplies and stocking shelves attempt to communicate with clinical staff who use these products with patients every day. Eac... Read More
  • Supply chain sophistication: Not a contradiction in terms
    Supply chain technology in many industries has evolved dramatically since the days of keeping records with pen and paper. Sophisticated, real-time tools help manufacturers like Toyota ensure they stock only the supplies they need, while relying on automated tracking and reordering to maintain the necessary inventory levels. Shift gears to hospitals and health care systems, where cutting-edge technology is used to save lives every day, and you’ll find that supply chain management is often ou... Read More
  • Our outlook: Supply chain tools will evolve in 2018 and beyond
    The pace of using technology to drive decisions across healthcare organizations continues to increase, particularly in digitization and cloud-based technologies.  Supply Chain leaders are beginning to benefit from having credible, real-time data and analytics to help diagnose and remedy inefficiencies across the enterprise.  It can be difficult to justify developing analytics because few health care systems have baselines metrics from which build a case.  Or, there can be too many supply chai... Read More

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