Helping hospitals take control of critical COVID-19 supplies

The novel coronavirus pandemic has created unique pressures that force hospitals to be more vigilant than ever about how they track essential supplies. To help hospitals navigate the COVID-19 health crisis, Jump Technologies is offering its new Allocated Inventory Solution to all hospitals at no charge until the situation begins to normalize.


A single screen allows hospitals to:

  • Move inventory at a moment’s notice to meet demand,
  • Identify hoarding and shrinkage, and
  • Measure performance against allocation.

A simple and safe solution that can be implemented within an hour:

  • Runs in the cloud, so there’s nothing to install or maintain at the hospital.
  • Requires no integration to ERP or EMR systems.
  • Does not require access to pricing or patient-identifiable data.
  • Runs on security-audited AWS servers.
  • Installs quickly and requires just a 30-minute training session.

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