For many organizations, the minute a shipment comes off a delivery truck onto the receiving dock, visibility stops. With manual processes, finding missing package or tracking delivered items takes hours of staff time, increasing costs and decreasing productivity.

In fact, many hospitals still have:

  • Paper-based receiving processes
  • Lack of visibility to packages being received or transported from pick-up location to destination
  • Hours of staff time spent each week locating supplies or recovering lost shipments
  • Higher costs due to labor, errors and rework, and inaccurate information
  • Lack of an electronic audit trail for chain of custody documentation

Get to know InnerTrack Receiving and Package Tracking.

InnerTrack helps you efficiently manage the receipt, delivery and tracking of medical packages from dock-to-destination — automating manual processes, creating visibility and documenting an electronic record of every transaction.

With InnerTrack, packages are seamlessly tracked and easily visible throughout the process — from dock-to-destination, or pick-up through delivery, from facility to facility. An electronic chain of custody record provides a complete audit trail for items moving within your clinic or hospital.

InnerTrack reporting provides real-time status based on the latest scans; users can track route and delivery efficiencies, review integrated carrier details, and analyze overall performance. InnerTrack reports also provide a view of incoming freight handling and costs, identifying shipping methods such as overnight priority, and associating departments and specific items to help identify potential inventory issues.

It's easy to get started. The InnerTrack web portal allows quick and easy location and route creation, identification of team members, and set-up of any specific requirements. Then, incoming shipments, pick-ups and deliveries are managed with a simple mobile interface on a smart device. With visibility to the entire end-to-end transaction, web-based users can track the progress of deliveries anywhere in the health system.


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