Industry insights

More than supplies: How inventory management impacts financial reporting

Improving inventory management helps hospitals reduce working capital, improve cash flow, and improve profitability. Here’s how.

Simple steps to improve hospital supply chain

Looking for ways to improve your supply chain? Jump Technologies interviewed four prominent healthcare supply chain leaders to get insight into their plans for driving change and improving results.

The case for modernizing hospital receiving processes

Hospital receiving processes are often too slow, too complicated, and too hard to track. Modern technology can improve processes and help hospitals save money. 

Mobile technology is key to next-gen healthcare supply chain

Evolving hospital supply chains require comprehensive tracking, and mobile technology is key to making that possible.

Why PAR isn’t up to par

The use of PAR Replenishment is letting hospitals down. Here’s how true inventory management can help reduce overstocking, stock-outs, hoarding, waste, and maverick spending.

2Bin inventory management: A smart approach for lean inventory

2Bin inventory systems have proved to be extremely effective at managing highly consumable items, allowing organizations to avoid tying up money in merchandise. Here’s how it works.

To reduce costs, improve inventory management technology at hospitals

As personal technology evolves, there is an opportunity for hospitals to improve inventory management practices and address issues that are holding them back.

Doing more with less: Improving the healthcare supply chain

As the need grows to deliver high-quality patient care at the lowest possible cost, removing barriers to simple and efficient inventory management can have an immediate impact.