Let JumpStock solve your inventory challenges

Hospitals across the country have used JumpStock to solve significant inventory challenges and improve their bottom line. Here are a few examples of how we partner with clients to improve supply chain management, workflows, and the bottom line.

Mount Sinai Health System: Streamlining the Receiving and Delivery System

The Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS), which staffs 3,494 beds, combines the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and seven hospital campuses to provide high-quality healthcare throughout the New York metropolitan area. With more than $350 million in Med/Surg supplies delivered through the system annually, the MSHS Supply Chain faces a daunting task — ensuring that clinical teams have everything they need while coping with the limited storage capabilities that major urban hospital systems often face.

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare: Transparency in Billing

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare was looking for a way to track the use of supplies at the patient level. With JumpStock, they were able to quickly and simply scan barcodes and attach that information to a specific patient and episode of care.

Meeker Memorial Hospital: Automating a Manual Process

Inventory management at Meeker Memorial used to be largely a manual process. There was no easy way to enter orders or automatically reorder materials. With JumpStock, the hospital found a simple, intuitive, and flexible way to automate their processes.