Simplify OR

Patient work, not paperwork

Simplify OR automates the documentation of implantable devices – such as total joint replacements – in operating rooms (OR) and procedure suites. Automating clinical documentation allows nurses to spend more time with patients and uncovers new revenue for hospitals by:

  • Accurately documenting all implants used.
  • Maintaining a current charge master and item master.
  • Maintaining consistency between supply chain and clinical data.
  • Ensuring alignment between pricing on the hospital item master and vendor contracts.
  • Accurately capturing all patient charges.
  • Aligning hospital workflows with EHR or EMR goals.

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Why it matters

  • Nurses today spend as much as 50 percent of their time documenting cases, chasing down purchase orders for trunk stock, and working with purchasing and contracting -- time that is not spent with patients.
  • Nurses lose three hours of every 12-hour shift to paperwork, hunting for supplies, and other tasks that do not directly influence patient care.
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting a nursing shortage equal to 1.2 million positions by 2022.
  • When clinical staff are not focused on patients other factors suffer, such as patient safety, infection control, readmissions, and overall patient satisfaction. Inefficient inventory management in the OR also cost hospitals money.

With Jump Technologies and Simplify OR, hospitals get happy nurses, better outcomes, and more revenue. Contact us for a demo or to see how JumpStock can empower your nursing staff and improve your bottom line.

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