The Office City Selects JumpTech's Proof-of-Delivery System for Fleetwide Deployment

St. Paul, Minn—December 14, 2011—Jump Technologies, Inc. (JumpTech™) ( a developer of cloud-based replenishment and inventory management software and proof-of-delivery for supplies and parts distributors and dealers, today announced that The Office City, one of the nation’s fastest growing independent suppliers of office products and supplies, has selected and deployed JumpTrack™, JumpTech’s breakthrough proof-of-delivery system across its entire fleet. The new smartphone-based delivery tracking and signature capture system was selected for its simplicity, reliability and price point, which averages 80 percent less than expensive legacy terminals.

The Office City, a long-time JumpTech customer, successfully competes against big-box national office supplies dealers by delivering unsurpassed customer service and by leveraging affordable and highly efficient technologies that match or exceed its competitors’ capabilities. Order tracking and proof-of-delivery/signature capture was one area of focus, and The Office City was seeking a competitive differentiator.

The company selected and deployed fleetwide JumpTech’s JumpTrack smartphone-based tracking system on low-cost Android devices assigned to each route driver. Unlike bulky, expensive and trouble prone legacy terminal solutions, JumpTrack is simple, efficient and affordable based on JumpTech’s proven cloud services, robust back-end servers, and highly reliable proof-of-delivery mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

“Our company mantra is 'whatever it takes,' and we deliver on this promise to our customers through a combination of the best people in the industry and the most professional, reliable and efficient technologies available,” said Jerry Carroll, CFO and vice president of operations for The Office City. “With the JumpTrack mobile app installed on Android smartphones, end users can sign for deliveries simply using their fingertip and all the back-end tracking is handled seamlessly via the cloud. The cost per truck with JumpTrack is 80 percent less than traditional terminal solutions, and the turn-up time for new trucks is reduced from two weeks to just a few hours.”

JumpTrack is a sophisticated yet brilliantly simple proof-of-delivery system that leverages the widespread availability, processing power and low cost of Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets, combined with the convenience and efficiencies of JumpTech’s cloud-based infrastructure. Using the free proof-of-delivery mobile app, customers simply sign the screen using their fingertip. Signatures and detailed delivery information are then automatically sent to JumpTech’s servers and each customer’s backend systems. The JumpTrack app is available free of charge on the Android Market and the Apple App Store for all iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices running iOS 4.0 or later. The JumpTrack proof-of-delivery service is available at a cost of $75 per truck per month.

“All of us at JumpTech are proud to be a small but integral component of the formula for customer satisfaction and loyalty at The Office City,” said John Freund, CEO of JumpTech. “Our eight year relationship has truly been a mutually beneficial partnership, and JumpTrack is simply the latest in a series of successful deployments that are dramatically lowering operational costs for The Office City and their customers while driving up customer satisfaction.”

About The Office City
The Office City is a family-owned Office Products business serving Northern California since 1977. The company has offices in Redwood City, Livermore, Stockton, Los Banos and Merced. The Office City’s serves customer in the small office space as well as many large corporations. The Office City prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology in the industry. Customers of The Office City enjoy the fact that they are dealing with a local company, with drivers and customer service employed by the company, in the same community in which they themselves live. Learn more at

About JumpTech
Jump Technologies, Inc. ( was founded in 1999 and is located in St. Paul, Minn. The company develops technologies for health care providers, transportation companies, and supplies and parts distributors and dealers that improve their customers’ experience and increases their loyalty, while lowering the cost of serving those customers. Its products make the ordering, inventorying, and tracking of supplies and parts simple, efficient, and affordable for their customers.

JumpTech’s flagship product, JumpCart, is a replenishment tool that dealers and distributors give to their customers to make the ordering and management of supplies, parts, and other products easier, faster, and cheaper. The company’s JumpTrack offering is a cloud-based, proof-of-delivery app that leverages standard smartphones and tablets for a quick, simple, and cost-effective way for drivers to capture signatures, while allowing customers to check delivery status.