Six More Office Supply Dealers Cutting Delivery Costs and Improving Competitive Position with JumpTrack Proof-of-Delivery Solution

MINNEAPOLIS, Mar. 4, 2014——Jump Technologies®, a leader in combining smart technology with the convenience of cloud computing for supply-chain management solutions, today announced that six more office supply dealers are using JumpTrackTM --a real-time, cloud-based proof-of-delivery (POD) solution --to cut paper-related delivery costs and improve their competitive position. Bellevue Business Depot Ltd., Hustons Commercial Interiors, Innovative Office Solutions, ISE Office Plus, Office Equipment Center, and Office Supply Company joined more than 70 office supply companies that are using JumpTrack to make drivers more efficient, offer better customer service, and reduce service costs.

Unable to compete on price alone, low-cost technology not only gives independents a leg up on service, but also improves driver and back-office efficiency--all while slashing costs. “JumpTrack is a lifeline for independent office supply dealers in a competitive environment where technology is critical for survival,” said Jump Technologies CEO and Chief Technologist John Freund. “It’s a low-cost, easy-to-implement way to enhance image and competitiveness and therefore help them capture more business. What’s more, it typically delivers ROI in the first month.”

For Innovative Office Solutions’ 15 trucks, Chief Information Officer Jason Player shared that the net savings in paper-related delivery costs are about $2,000 monthly, and that JumpTrack delivered ROI in the first month. “We were working in a paper-driven world that slowed down drivers and office staff,” said Player. “JumpTrack eliminated our paper bottleneck by listing all manifest details on the drivers’ mobile phones. Items being delivered are in plain view on the driver’s phone for customers to see. Drivers have instant visibility into routes, delivery details and notes on their phones, and office staff has access to the same information on the JumpTrack web portal. No more digging through volumes of paper and calling customers back. Our paperless world lets us respond to customers immediately and provide the kind of service our customers expect. Automating POD has improved office and driver productivity.”

For Office Supply Company’s single truck, time is valuable, considering their driver averages 32 stops per day and covers 90-100 miles. Operations Manager Brian McAbee said, “It was time for a better solution that would help us fully automate POD, save as much time as possible, and convey a more professional image to our customers. We don’t have to call the driver each time a customer wants information about a delivery. We can easily look up deliveries online and provide the information they need right when they need it. It gives Office Supply Company a professional image.”

JumpTrackis the first and only cloud-based POD solution that is easy to implement and easy to use. The easy-to-use interface and quick implementation on wireless devices already carried by drivers eliminate training and hardware costs to speed return on investment as early as in the first month. JumpTrack was named by Forbes as one of the top ten solutions for mobile POD software.

About Jump Technologies
Jump Technologies, Inc. is the first provider of real-time, cloud-based supply-chain management solutions that are easy to implement and use on smart devices. Unlike traditional solutions that require expensive servers and expensive, difficult-to-use software, Jump Technologies guarantees immediate ROI with solutions that do not require expensive hardware, are easy-to-install and use, require little to no training and ensure compliant use. More than 20,000 businesses in the healthcare, food service transportation, and office supplies industries solve business problems associated with inventory management/replenishment and proof-of-delivery (POD) with Jump Technologies’ solutions. For more information about Jump Technologies and its products, visit or call (888) 373-7226. Follow the company on Twitter @JumpTechNews and on Google+ at


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