Pegasus Medical Concepts, JumpTech Announce Partnership to Extend Supply Management Solutions

Eagan, MN and Mission Viejo, CA – February 1, 2016 – Jump Technologies, Inc., an innovative software company with solutions that improve supply management and Pegasus Medical Concepts, a provider of turn-key installations of inventory and high density storage systems, today announced a partnership to help health systems improve storage, logistics and supply management throughout their organizations. With the Affordable Care Act accelerating budget cuts for provider organizations, improving supply management presents significant savings opportunities.

Pegasus Medical Concepts provides turn-key installations of Kanban inventory storage systems.Pegasus partners with hospitals to deliver services from initial strategic data analysis and design layouts through the physical setup and installation of the complete system, including the planning and placement of all supplies, and the proper categorization and labeling of storage units. A nationwide team of logistics experts provide onsite planning, layout, build and implementation of engineered storage systems that take advantage of space, while factoring the products used and care being delivered.

Jump Technologies delivers cloud-based mobile solutions for health systems that reduce labor, costs and enable more automated and accurate supply management. The cornerstone of the JumpTech solutions is JumpStock™ inventory management, which helps eliminate stock-outs, reduce overstocking and overspending, and enable automated recording of supply transactions to provide accurate reporting of velocity data for improved inventory planning.

Pegasus and JumpTech are partnering to help improve the storage, management and replenishment of all supplies used throughout a healthcare system. Pegasus Medical logistics experts assist hospitals with development of a solution based on their exact space and requirements, from the initial footprint model and inventory analysis, through setup of storage systems and placement of products. The JumpTech team works with the hospital to implement JumpStock as the technology infrastructure for ongoing inventory management. Together, the two organizations can optimize the hospital’s approach to supply management, create more efficient processes, drive clinical satisfaction and reduce inventory costs.

“Some of our most successful customers are using our Kanban storage systems to make inventory management a simpler, less time-consuming, more efficient process,” said Mitch Gerber, president, Pegasus Medical. “With the JumpStock solution, hospitals can use a Kanban approach with a proven technology infrastructure that enables accurate tracking and reporting of all supplies. Current JumpStock customers are gaining visibility into actual usage of supplies, accurately charging patients and leveraging reporting tools that enable more efficient planning and modeling of supply levels.”

“So often we see hospital supply rooms that are oddly-shaped or not taking full advantage of available space,” said Sophie Rutherford, vice president of Business Development, Jump Technologies. “Pegasus is maximizing the accessibility of supplies and modernizing materials processes with engineered storage systems, which reduce space, eliminate waste, lower employee labor costs, and improve clinical satisfaction. Together, we can help hospitals create fully optimized supply management processes, leveraging JumpStock as the technology backbone for automated, accurate inventory.”
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About Jump Technologies, Inc.
JumpTech is the first provider of cloud-based supply management solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations that are easy to implement, adopt and manage, using mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Eliminating extensive investments in hardware, implementation time and training, solutions from JumpTech are guaranteed to deliver immediate return on investment. Easy-to-use interfaces and accurate, timely reports help drive compliance, reduce training, save hard dollars and reduce labor. For more information, visitwww.jumptech.comor call (888) 373-7226. Follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter @JumpTechNews and on Google+ at

About Pegasus Medical Concepts
Pegasus Medical Concepts is the leading provider of High Density storage and Kanban based inventory management solutions for hospitals. By combining a tried and true inventory philosophy with a space saving and efficient storage system Pegasus is able to deliver the most complete and cost effective inventory management solution for the hospital and healthcare marketplace. Pegasus partners with our clients to provide a complete analysis of supply usage as well as a full, hands on “turn-key” installation and set up program which enables the client to realize savings from day one while also providing the fastest ROI available. For more information, visitwww.pegasusmedical.netor call (888) 276-4750. Follow the company on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.