JumpTech Upgrades JumpCart Online Catalog Features for Supplies and Parts Distributors and Dealers

St. Paul, Minn—Jan. 26, 2011—Jump Technologies, Inc. (JumpTech™) (http://www.jumptech.com) a developer of cloud-based replenishment and inventory management applications for supplies and parts distributors and dealers, announced the release of the Advanced Catalog feature for JumpCart, a cloud-based ordering tool. Advanced Catalog enables dealers and distributors to better control the product mix being offered to their customers, which results in greater profit margins. Advanced Catalog is available immediately to JumpCart customers and will become an embedded feature in all new product licenses.

Using Advanced Catalog, distributors can create in a matter of minutes a professional looking catalog or flyer to display their products. This product feature gives distributors total control over the product mix at a customer level, allowing them to focus attention toward their more profitable products, which can help increase their profit margins.

“The ability to create custom catalogs is a win for both distributors and their customers,” said John Freund, president and CEO of JumpTech. “Distributors can increase their gross profits by showcasing only their best-selling and highest-margin products. It also makes it much easier for customers to order products from their distributors, as well as control maverick spending by their employees.”

Advanced Catalog represents a significant upgrade from JumpCart’s earlier catalog design software. Distributors now have greater flexibility and control over the look and feel of their catalogs, including the graphics, layout, and design. After creating a database of their products, they can organize and display products in dozens of different ways using the custom design tools. Catalogs can then be generated online and printed out in seconds.

JumpTech’s replenishment and inventory management tool, JumpCart, allows customers who want to order parts and/or supplies to scan and automatically upload orders to JumpCart’s cloud-based order processing site, which then submits the order directly to the dealer’s eCommerce site. The dealer simply provides its customers the compact bar code scanner to scan product labels, custom catalogs or their main general line catalog.

In a competitive market where there is little loyalty and increasing downward pressure on prices, dealers are using JumpCart to differentiate themselves from their competition, increase order accuracy, decrease the rate of returns, and improve customer service. The result is growth in revenues, profit margins and customer loyalty for the dealer.

About JumpTech
Jump Technologies, Inc. (http://www.jumptech.com) was founded in 1999 and is located in St. Paul, Minn. The company develops technologies for supplies and parts distributors and dealers that improve their customers’ experience and increase their loyalty, while lowering the cost of serving those customers. Its products make the ordering, inventorying, and tracking of supplies and parts simple, efficient, and affordable for their customers.

JumpTech’s flagship product, JumpCart™, is a replenishment tool that dealers and distributors give to their customers to make the ordering and management of supplies, parts, and other products easier, faster, and cheaper.