JumpTech Unveils Latest Version of its JumpCart Loyalty Marketing Program

April 13, 2010—Eagan, MN—Jump Technologies, Inc. (JumpTech™) (http://www.jumptech.com) today announced the availability of the Spring 2010 version of its JumpCart loyalty marketing program, which includes the company’s patented automated order management tool as well as a new series of professional sales support tools.

The JumpCart loyalty marketing program is designed to allow distributors of consumable products to help solve supply management problems for their customers that will, in turn, help the distributors close new business, increase category sales in existing accounts, build customer loyalty, increase margins and reduce their cost of sales.

The JumpCart Order Management solution helps a distributors’ customers drive the cost out of managing their supplies by lowering requisition-to-order costs, decreasing “maverick” spending (employees ordering supplies from non-contracted vendors), and reducing inventory and employee theft.

One of the most significant additions to the JumpCart loyalty marketing program is the new Advanced Catalog feature, which allows distributors to easily create custom, professional-grade catalogs, flyers or brochures for individual customers that are merchandised to maximize the margin in a given account.

The Office City, an award-winning business products distributor based in California, uses the order management tool as its primary source of catalog creation because both the company and its customers benefit. Bill Jones, vice president of sales, said, “Our customers love it because their custom catalogs include the items they order most, so they can reduce costly impulse buying. We love it because we can merchandize the catalog with higher-margin items. In fact, we’ve improved our margins nearly 20 percent in accounts where we deploy JumpCarts Advanced Catalogs.”

As part of its Spring 2010 version, JumpTech also introduced a new enhanced product database and JumpEdit feature that allows distributors to categorize their products as they see fit, so they appear in the right location in catalogs generated by the Advanced Catalog feature. Distributors now can easily arrange products to help increase impulse buying of higher-margin items in their custom catalogs.

According to Calvin Johnson, president and CEO of Vancouver-based Costless Express, “About 70 percent of our business is custom products. JumpCart’s order management tool allows us to add custom items easily and tailor our catalogs for individual customers.

There’s differentiation, and then there’s differentiation. When our customers see their logo on our catalog cover and their favorite products featured inside, they feel special. The JumpCart loyalty marketing program allows us to build an intimate bond with our customers and really stand out in the marketplace.”

As part of the 2010 JumpCart loyalty marketing program, JumpTech has also introduced an entire series of professional sales support tools designed to help distributors identify their best prospects, shorten the sales cycle and close more deals. In addition, JumpCart now works seamlessly with virtually any current browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

“Many distributors today sell commodity products and are forced to differentiate based on price or service,” said JumpTech President John Freund. “The JumpCart loyalty program uniquely differentiates distributors because it gives them a way to help solve supply management problems that save their customers time and money in their procurement process. Nothing builds loyalty faster than helping to solve real business problems for your customers.”

JumpTech offers distributors a free, no-obligation, 30-day trial of the JumpCart system. During that trial, JumpTech will help the distributor generate at least $20,000 in new revenue at a 25% gross profit, which more than pays for a full year’s subscription to JumpCart. For more information, contact JumpTech at sales@jumptech.com or 888.373.SCAN (7226).

About JumpTech
Eagan, Minn.-based Jump Technologies, Inc. is a leading innovator of solutions that simplify the online shopping experience for consumers. JumpTech’s flagship product, JumpCart, is a business-to-business application used by thousands of companies every day to order goods and services from their favorite suppliers. For more information, visit www.jumptech.com, call 651-287-6000 or email info@jumptech.com.