JumpTech Leverages the Cloud to Increase Its Application's Capacity and Performance

St. Paul, Minn—Nov. 18, 2010—Jump Technologies, Inc. (JumpTech™) (http://www.jumptech.com) a developer of cloud-based replenishment and inventory management applications for supplies and parts distributors and dealers, today announced that it has completed a months-long upgrade of its systems architecture that will enable its customers to leverage expanded cloud-based computing capabilities.

“JumpTech’s customers have always leveraged cloud computing because software-as-a-service, by definition, is cloud-based service.” explained Steve Craig, JumpTech’s chief technology officer. “What’s different now is that we’re leveraging the cloud to an even greater degree. Utilizing shared hardware and data services in the cloud allows us to provide the most technically efficient infrastructure possible to our customers and their supply chain, at a very cost-effective price point.”

Using the cloud-based business model, JumpTech manages the technical infrastructure for their clients—hosting the software, managing all upgrades and providing access through any Internet connection—with incredible reliability. Customers do not need to buy servers or install software. The company provides Internet access to clients’ inventory and replenishment system, hosted by a secure data center, 24x7.

Craig added that ensuring the server hardware stays current and keeping architecture stacks up to date in both application and database technologies is what customers expect. “Our development team takes great pride in making our customers’ replenishment and inventory management processes operate as reliably and efficiently as possible.”

JumpTech’s replenishment and inventory management tool, JumpCart, allows customers who want to order parts and/or supplies to scan and automatically upload orders to JumpCart’s cloud-based order processing site, which then submits the order directly to the dealer’s eCommerce site. The dealer simply provides its customers the compact bar code scanner to scan product labels, custom catalogs or their main general line catalog.

In a competitive market where there is little loyalty and increasing downward pressure on prices, dealers are using JumpCart to differentiate themselves from their competition, increase order accuracy, decrease the rate of returns, and improve customer service. The result is growth in revenues, profit margins and customer loyalty for the dealer.

About JumpTech
Jump Technologies, Inc. (http://www.jumptech.com) was founded in 1999 and is located in St. Paul, Minn. The company develops technologies for supplies and parts distributors and dealers that improve their customers’ experience and increase their loyalty, while lowering the cost of serving those customers. Its products make the ordering, inventorying, and tracking of supplies and parts simple, efficient, and affordable for their customers.

JumpTech’s flagship product, JumpCart™, is a replenishment tool that dealers and distributors give to their customers to make the ordering and management of supplies, parts, and other products easier, faster, and cheaper.