JumpTech Announces its Top Momentum-Building Milestones for 2011

St. Paul, Minn—December 27, 2011—Jump Technologies, Inc. (JumpTech™) (http://www.jumptech.com) a developer of cloud-based replenishment and inventory management software and proof-of-delivery for supplies and parts distributors and dealers, today announced a recap of some of the company’s most significant, momentum-building achievements for 2011. These milestones combine to demonstrate positive and synergistic progress throughout the year, and position JumpTech for significant new product introductions and market share growth in 2012. Key milestones in 2011 include:

The Launch of JumpTrack™ Mobile Proof-of-Delivery System
In September, JumpTech announced the availability of its new JumpTrack proof-of-delivery app for Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablet devices. JumpTrack is a sophisticated yet brilliantly simple delivery tracking and signature capture system that leverages the widespread availability, processing power and low cost of Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets, combined with the convenience and efficiencies of JumpTech’s cloud-based infrastructure. Unlike bulky, expensive and trouble prone legacy terminal solutions, JumpTrack is simple, efficient and affordable based on JumpTech’s proven cloud services, robust back-end servers, and highly reliable proof-of-delivery mobile app. Using the free proof-of-delivery mobile app, customers simply sign the screen using their fingertip. Signatures and detailed delivery information are then automatically sent to JumpTech’s servers and each customer’s backend systems.

Leading Dealers and Distributors Make the Switch to JumpTrack
The company recently announced that The Office City, one of the nation’s fastest growing independent suppliers of office products and supplies, has selected and deployed JumpTech’s JumpTrack cloud/mobile proof-of-delivery system across its entire fleet. In the fourth quarter alone, the company signed contracts with eight leading dealer/distributors across the U.S. and Canada for the use of JumpTrack.

Executive Team Expansion
In April 2011, Sandy Crotteau, a 20-year veteran of global logistics and supply chain operations for leading retailers, joined JumpTech as VP of Marketing. In September, the company added Adam Jacobs to its executive team in the role of VP of Customer Success. JumpTech also expanded its marketing, sales, customer support and development staff in 2011, with additional hiring projected throughout 2012.

Bob Slaney Joins Board of Advisors
In the fourth quarter, Bob Slaney joined the JumpTech Board of Advisors. Slaney currently serves as Director Healthcare Central for Lawson Software and brings extensive expertise in healthcare IT/software to the company, along with high-profile contacts and industry credibility as JumpTech continues its expansion into the healthcare market.

JumpTech Refreshes Branding and Product Naming
Also in Q4, the company initiated a series of marketing steps which included enhancements to its corporate website (http://www.jumptech.com). In December, JumpTech unveiled its updated corporate logo and also refreshed its product naming strategy. As a part of that initiative, the company’s breakthrough mobile/cloud-based proof-of-delivery system was renamed to JumpTrack.

JumpTech Moves into New Corporate Offices
Also in 2011, JumpTech relocated its corporate headquarters to a new building in Eagan, MN. The new facility more than triples the company’s available office space, providing significant room to accommodate current staffing levels and expected hiring through at least 2013.

“I am pleased to report a few of our most notable milestones and achievements in 2011, and I would like to thank our entire team of staff, customers, partners, and advisors for their hard work and dedication throughout the year,” said John Freund, CEO of JumpTech. “Our work this year has positioned JumpTech well for 2012 as we continue to expand our team, our product line and our customer base, and we look forward to continued market traction and growth in the year ahead.”

About JumpTech
Jump Technologies, Inc. (http://www.jumptech.com) was founded in 1999 and is located in St. Paul, Minn. The company develops technologies for health care providers, transportation companies, and supplies and parts distributors and dealers that improve their customers’ experience and increases their loyalty, while lowering the cost of serving those customers. Its products make the ordering, inventorying, and tracking of supplies and parts simple, efficient, and affordable for their customers.

JumpTech’s flagship product, JumpCart, is a replenishment tool that dealers and distributors give to their customers to make the ordering and management of supplies, parts, and other products easier, faster, and cheaper. The company’s JumpTrack offering is a cloud-based, proof-of-delivery app that leverages standard smartphones and tablets for a quick, simple, and cost-effective way for drivers to capture signatures, while allowing customers to check delivery status.