JumpTech Announces InnerTrack™ Receiving and Package Tracking Solution for Hospitals and Healthcare Delivery Organizations

Eagan, MN – August 6, 2015 – Jump Technologies®, an innovative software company that provides cloud-based mobile solutions for inventory management in hospitals, today announced the release of the InnerTrack™ receiving and package tracking solution, which increases visibility to supplies received and delivered to all locations within an organization.

Supply chain management in hospitals is fraught with manual, disconnected processes, which cause higher costs through labor, errors and rework, poor reporting capabilities, and inaccurate information about supply inventory. Increasing visibility to supplies throughout the system, capturing data electronically, and automating manual labor will help hospitals build more effective business processes that ultimately reduce costs. The fully-integrated InnerTrack solution allows hospital staff members to accurately manage and document the entire receiving process, from the moment a truck off-loads a shipment at the dock through delivery to the final destination of each item.

Many organizations use manual processes requiring hours of staff time each day to receive, stage, deliver and track packages coming into the system. There is little visibility to shipments in transit within the hospital and as a result, supply chain and clinical team members waiting for supplies often spend hours trying to locate packages. Additionally, hospitals may have no method in place to track and record the routing of a package from the dock to final destination, and capture the signature of the recipient, creating an electronic proof of delivery record. (Industry Report: Today’s Hospital Receiving Processes)

Cloud-based InnerTrack provides automation and smart workflow to the receiving and delivery process, significantly reducing staff time and improving visibility and documentation. With InnerTrack, a simple user interface on a smart device begins capturing data at the loading dock, as packages are loaded off the delivery truck. Packages usually arrive without a final delivery location designated on the outside shipping label. InnerTrack integrates with major delivery carriers, including UPS and FedEx, so as packages are scanned into the system, they are matched to the purchase order (PO). InnerTrack identifies the final destination within the health system, prints a label for each box, and packages are staged for delivery, making routing and delivery faster and simpler. Once loaded onto carts for delivery, packages assigned to each route are scanned, creating tracking of the package as it’s routed within the organization.

The InnerTrack solution helps ensure:

InnerTrack reduces the time spent researching information about shipments and delivery status, researching items needed to allow POs to be closed, and creates visibility to the entire end-to-end, receipt-to-delivery process. For an overview video of InnerTrack, please click here. Attendees of AHRMM15 can see an InnerTrack demo by visiting JumpTech in Booth 1026.

“JumpTech is focused on automating healthcare supply chain processes to reduce costs and drive greater efficiencies for hospitals and health systems,” said John Freund, CEO, Jump Technologies, Inc. “Understanding the challenges organizations face today, we’re focused on advancing cloud-based technology that will allow healthcare providers to rapidly drive costs and manual processes out of their system. Technology solutions that are cost prohibitive or take years to implement can’t change the game fast enough.”

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About Jump Technologies, Inc.
JumpTech is the first provider of cloud-based inventory management solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations that are easy to implement, adopt and manage, using mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Eliminating extensive investments in hardware, implementation time and training, solutions from JumpTech are guaranteed to deliver immediate return on investment. Easy-to-use interfaces and accurate, timely reports help drive compliance, reduce training, save hard dollars and reduce labor. For more information, visitwww.jumptech.comor call (888) 373-7226. Follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter @JumpTechNews and on Google+ at google.com/+JumptechInc.