JumpTech Announces Industry's First Inventory Management System to Incorporate Smartphones and Tablets as Part of the Solution

St. Paul, Minn—June 5, 2012—Jump Technologies, Inc. (JumpTech™) (http://www.jumptech.com) today announced the release of JumpStock, a new inventory management system that for the first time, allows users to use their smartphones and tablets to easily and cost-effectively manage inventory. This means that organizations can avoid the need to purchase extra equipment to more quickly and accurately take inventory.

Smartphones and tablets are today’s mobile computers. JumpStock leverages the power and ease-of-use of these devices to make it simple for users to record inventory transactions. The solution is also cloud-based, so users can access inventory data whenever and wherever they choose.

“Today’s inventory manager is extremely busy, with many demands on his or her time. We designed JumpStock to be so intuitive and easy to use — utilizing equipment that inventory managers likely already have, such as smartphones and a network connection,” said John Freund, CEO of JumpTech. “In addition to its simplicity, JumpStock reduces errors in inventory management and shortens requisition-to-order cycles, which ends up saving companies money in the long run.”

JumpStock mimics the spreadsheets or paper and pen method of taking inventory, but with much greater speed and precision. Although simple to use, JumpStock contains all of the features of systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars more. Features such as lot number and expiration date tracking, kitting and job cost allocation are just some of the advanced features supported.

Because JumpStock eliminates all of the guess work, inventory managers are able to order only what they need, when they need it. Not only does this eliminate a glut of inventory, but it also prevents inventory stock-outs and rush charges. Organizations always have the proper amount of inventory on hand and never suffer work interruptions from lack of inventory.

JumpStock also helps enforce pre-negotiated purchasing contracts, which can result in significant cost savings. Studies show that procurement automation cuts prices by more than 7% when spending is brought back on contract, and it enables total savings of 20% or more.

JumpStock“s cloud-based platform allows JumpTech to perform all maintenance and upgrades to the system which are then automatically pushed out to users. This reduces IT costs and ensures that organizations are always taking advantage of the latest release of software.

JumpStock allows users to electronically submit orders directly to their vendors. Vendors who are not linked with JumpStock can receive orders either via email or fax. JumpStock is also an open application and as such, can easily integrate with nearly any third-party ERP or procurement system.

JumpStock is available immediately and is currently available on the iPhone® and Android™ platforms. If companies would like to receive a free, no obligation, 30-day trial of the JumpStock system or for additional information, they can call 888-373-SCAN (7226), visit www.jumptech.com or email sales@jumptech.com.

About JumpTech
JJump Technologies, Inc. (http://www.jumptech.com) was founded in 1999 and is located in St. Paul, Minn. The company develops technologies for health care providers, transportation companies, and supplies and parts distributors and dealers that improve their customers’ experience and increases their loyalty, while lowering the cost of serving those customers. Its products make the ordering, inventorying, and tracking of supplies and parts simple, efficient and affordable for their customers.