JumpTech Adds New Features, Upgrades to JumpTrack Solution

EAGAN, Minn. -- JumpTech has announced the addition of new features to its JumpTrack solution, which uses a real-time cloud environment to help fleets access, search and track inventory.

Officials say the new features are designed to add support for distribution centres and dispatchers, and will allow large and small fleets to track routes and drivers more efficiently.

The new features include:
• Ability to search, edit and assign drivers to distribution centres;
• Uploads for driver, regional, and distribution route setup; and
• Ability for drivers and distribution centres to search and view routes on the mobile client.

Officials say JumpTrack’s upgrades appear on smartphones, tablets and computers automatically, eliminating device upgrades and mitigating costs over time.

“We worked closely with customers to understand what was important to them and implement meaningful upgrades to our service. We are always reviewing ways to improve – it’s just who we are,” says John Freund, president and CEO of Jump Technologies.