JumpTech Adds Mapping Capability to Its Automated Proof-of-Delivery Solution for Improved Customer Service and Driver Efficiency, Reduced Service Costs, and More Efficient Routing

St. Paul, Minn., June 27, 2013 - Jump Technologies® (JumpTech), a leader in combining smart technology with the convenience of cloud computing for efficient replenishment, materials management and proof-of-delivery, today announced that it has added mapping capability to JumpTrack™, its low-cost, automated proof-of-delivery (POD) solution. Commenting on the announcement JumpTech President and CEO John Freund said, “Our new GPS location capability helps fleet managers gain better control of their fleets and identify drivers that may not be efficient with their routes. This information is critical for enabling growth—more deliveries—without an investment in new trucks. Our customers know where their vehicles are at anytime and see the exact routes their drivers drove during the day. In combination with our delivery efficiency report, a fleet manager sees the exact order in which drivers drove their routes, the amount of time between stops, and the actual route they drove to each stop.”

Web-based access to real-time map-based vehicle location information is a powerful customer service and retention tool that eliminates calls to drivers, reduces service costs, and improves efficiency for adjusting routes for unscheduled pick-ups and deliveries. In addition, JumpTrack records the actual geo-location of where the signature was captured. This bolsters customer confidence in the POD by eliminating any doubt that a driver may have captured the signature while at a location other than the customer’s place of business.

Widely used by fleets to save thousands of dollars in paper and labor costs associated with paper based systems, JumpTrack also expedites invoice payment by putting proof-of-delivery information at customers’ fingertips and virtually eliminates IT costs and the need for a POD solution with expensive hardware.

About JumpTech
Jump Technologies, Inc. (JumpTech) has been merging smart devices with cloud computing to solve business problems associated with materials management and replenishment and proof-of-delivery. Thousands of businesses in healthcare, transportation, and supplies and parts distribution use JumpTech solutions to increase customer loyalty while reducing service costs, improve fleet efficiency, reduce requisition-to-order costs, eliminate maverick spending, and improve materials management. JumpTrack is a cloud-based, proof-of-delivery solution that leverages standard smartphones and tablets for a quick, simple, and cost-effective way for drivers to capture signatures while allowing customers to check delivery status. For more information about Jump Technologies and its products, visit www.jumptech.com or call (888) 373-7226.