JumpStock Simplified Inventory Management Software’s Informational Visibility Helps Agnesian HealthCare Reduce Inventory Costs

ST. PAUL, Minn., Aug. 4, 2014—Jump Technologies®, a leader in combining smart technology with the convenience of cloud computing for accurate, efficient supply-chain management solutions, today announced that JumpStock inventory management software’s informational visibility is helping Agnesian HealthCare reap significant reductions in inventory costs. “In just the first 30 days, JumpStock identified overstocks in our inventory,” said Perry Willmore, director of supply chain management for Agnesian and a 40-year healthcare supply chain veteran. “It also suggested new PAR levels that would cut inventory without stocking out, potentially saving us thousands of dollars.”

The non-profit, local healthcare system based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, operates three hospitals totaling 240 beds, along with clinic, long term care, retail pharmacies, home medical equipment, and a full reference library. The wide range of services offered requires a large variety of medical supplies need to be inventoried, tracked and ordered on a regular basis, from general to more specialized and expensive items.

“The one thing we were missing at Agnesian HealthCare was that data in the supply chain to drive supply costs,” said Willmore. One of the biggest and most immediate benefits Agnesian realized from the switch to JumpStock was informational visibility across multiple areas.

JumpStock was up and running in the cloud after a day or two of training, not taking up space on Agnesian HealthCare's servers. The system works seamlessly on iPads, and can also be used on smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system. “JumpStock is intuitive, easy to use and convenient, giving us visibility into departmental inventory from devices the staff can have with them anywhere in the hospital or clinic,” Willmore said.

Pam Deich, the central distribution supervisor at Agnesian HealthCare, reported that after only a 90-minute implementation, the cath lab was using JumpStock. “The program is very easy to use," she said. “It actually simplified their processes, which led to a full adoption of the system. We now have complete visibility into their supplies, and access to the information we need to make smarter decisions.”

JumpStock helped identify where Agnesian HealthCare was spending too much time handling materials. A specific ER location realized a 35 percent reduction in units to PAR, which translated into a 34 percent cost savings. The enhanced visibility into inventory management processes helps Agnesian HealthCare maintain acceptable inventory levels, tie up less capital in overstocked, rarely used items, and potentially save thousands of dollars in a very short time frame. It also leaves the option open to do a seven-day PAR instead of a two-day PAR, freeing up resources for other things.

About Agnesian HealthCare
Agnesian HealthCare is a nonprofit, local healthcare system based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Agnesian HealthCare has been in operation for more than 100 years and has three hospitals totaling 240 beds, along with clinic, long-term care, retail pharmacies and home medical equipment, and a full reference laboratory.

About Jump Technologies
Jump Technologies, Inc. is the first provider of real-time, cloud-based supply-chain management solutions that are easy to implement and use on smart devices. Unlike traditional solutions that require expensive servers and expensive, difficult-to-use software, Jump Technologies guarantees immediate ROI with solutions that do not require expensive hardware, are easy-to-install and use, require little to no training and ensure compliant use. More than 20,000 businesses in the healthcare, food service transportation, and office supplies industries solve business problems associated with inventory management/replenishment and proof-of-delivery with Jump Technologies’ solutions. For more information about Jump Technologies and its products, visit www.jumptech.com or call (888) 373-7226. Follow the company on Twitter @JumpTechNews and on Google+ at google.com/+JumptechInc.


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