Jump Technologies, Inc. Announces Version 1.2.5 of InnerTrack™ with Receiving

Eagan, MN – March 7, 2016 – Jump Technologies, Inc., an innovative software company with solutions that improve supply management in hospitals, today announced enhancements to InnerTrack™ with Receiving, which expand reporting capabilities and create a new user role for “Managers.” With these enhancements, Jump Technologies continues to expand its portfolio of cloud-based mobile solutions that reduce labor, reduce costs, and enable more automated and accurate supply management.

This release of InnerTrack with Receiving (v1.2.5) will be generally available on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 and includes three new features:

User Role for “Manager”
InnerTrack with Receiving (v1.2.5) adds a new user role for “Managers” for multi-location accounts. With permissions similar to an Administrator, the Manager role is designed for a user assigned to a single location. A Manager can perform Administrator-level tasks for their specific location, for example, they can set-up users, carriers, routes and view all the same reports as Administrators, for their assigned location. Administrators will continue to access to global account settings and reporting across all locations.

Delivery Efficiency Overview Report
InnerTrack users continually tracking package delivery efficiency requested the ability to track their organization’s same day and next day efficiency. The new Delivery Efficiency Overview Report provides a quick view to these metrics for all packages, including researched packages and special handling items such as perishables. Users can view the efficiency of packages with and without a purchase order, to see how these special case packages affect handling time. This report will help pinpoint issues and trends in package efficiency, and provide greater visibility to staff performance.

Delivery Efficiency Detail Report
To provide specific detail about certain types of packages, or even a specific single package, the new Delivery Efficiency Detail Report provides the granularity to pinpoint problems, including types of packages, destinations, specific personnel and turnaround time from unload to delivery signature. Receiving team leaders will be able to identify performance problem areas and can correct them, reducing the risks of additional labor costs and poor internal customer satisfaction.

“With healthcare systems continually working to increase supply chain efficiency, InnerTrack is helping organizations with their receiving processes from dock-to-destination,” said Dan Crombie, director, Product Management, Jump Technologies, Inc. “Today, InnerTrack users benefit from visibility to materials coming into and moving throughout their facilities, and an accurate, electronic record of all transactions starting at the receiving dock. The new release meets our customers’ needs for enhanced reporting capabilities, and creates the ‘Manager’ role requested by larger organizations that have both system-wide Administrators, as well as Managers with responsibility for specific sites. JumpTech continues to respond to the needs of our customers, creating smart solutions that meet the needs of healthcare organizations.”

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