Jump Technologies Announces New InnerTrack™ Receiving and Package Tracking Functionality

Eagan, MN – November 2, 2015 – Jump Technologies, Inc., an innovative software company with solutions that improve supply management in hospitals, today announced new capabilities have been added to InnerTrack™ receiving and package tracking, enabling healthcare systems to more efficiently manage packages as they move throughout a healthcare organization. With these enhancements to InnerTrack, Jump Technologies continues to expand its portfolio of cloud-based mobile solutions that reduce labor, reduce costs, and enable more automated and accurate supply management.

InnerTrack now provides hospitals using their own couriers with new tools to manage and track the movement of packages within a healthcare system, including supplies, specimens and other items. These capabilities eliminate the manual, paper-based processes currently associated with point-to-point pick-up, delivery and tracking. InnerTrack enables hospitals to efficiently track their couriers using iPhones with GPS tracking, while simultaneously providing drivers with real-time status of pickups and deliveries scheduled on their route. Additionally, InnerTrack provides the capability to capture electronic signatures right on the device, providing real time package status including proof of pick-up and delivery.

The benefits of InnerTrack are numerous. The National Private Truck Council estimates the cost to operate a vehicle is approximately $3.00 per mile; thus, reducing the total miles driven each day can result in significant savings. For example, a hospital system with 10 couriers driving 2,000 miles per driver per month, which makes a 5 percent reduction in miles driven, could save approximately $34,000 per year. Next, InnerTrack supports a healthcare system’s green initiatives and reduces the cost of buying, printing and storing paper, as well as reducing their carbon footprint. Finally, an accurate chain of custody is created for every package, from pick-up through final delivery, enabling a complete electronic audit trail and eliminating loss.

“We recognize that as healthcare systems grow in complexity, with more types of care settings becoming part of the larger organization, efficiently tracking materials is paramount to supply chain efficiency,” said John Freund, CEO, Jump Technologies, Inc. “Staff members in hospitals and clinics need more visibility to materials coming into and moving throughout their facilities, and an accurate record of transactions. With InnerTrack now supporting the transit of packages from point-to-point within an organization, we’re helping meet the need for greater visibility. Add in the additional benefits of lower costs and increases in productivity, and InnerTrack becomes a vital component of a hospital’s supply management processes.”

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