Smart inventory management does more with less

“Do more with less” is a common directive in the modern hospital. And because a hospital’s second biggest expense, after labor, is inventory, supply chain professionals are always looking for ways to ensure clinicians have the supplies they need — when and where they need them — and that hospital supply chain solutions minimize time spent stocking and restocking shelves.


That was the challenge at Grand View Health, a highly-regarded hospital in the Philadelphia area. They came to Jump Technologies looking for ways the JumpStock supply chain solution could help eliminate redundancies and make hospital inventory management a seamless part of the workflow for busy clinical staff.


Grand View used a materials management information system (MMIS) to help with supply reordering and management, but while the MMIS worked for placing orders, it did little to manage inventory once it was in the system.


With JumpStock, Grand View implemented easy-to-use barcode labels and scanners that nurses could use to quickly record the supplies they were removing from the shelf. Behind the scenes, JumpStock generated reports that identified the rate at which supplies were consumed and offered guidance for adjusting PAR levels.


The hospital introduced barcodes in eight departments. Supply techs simply scan items to automatically generate orders — based on PAR levels — through Grand View’s MMIS. The change saves 30 to 45 minutes of daily work and about $10,000 annually by reducing visits to supply rooms. Grand View also expects to see savings as a result of more accurately managed supply levels.


The supply team at Grand View embraced JumpStock because it helped them use technology to enhance their existing operations. The automation and analytics that JumpStock delivers is building confidence in PAR levels and eliminating over-ordering and supply hoarding. 


With JumpStock in place, nurses have the items they need, when they need them and without searching. It’s the definition of doing more with less. Read more about how Grand View is doing more with less here.