About Us

"It's time to fix inventory problems in hospitals. With so much of supply chain outsourced to distributors, many traditional supply chain problems have been addressed. Now, hospitals can fix their inventory. It's not only possible, it's easy to increase turns from 3 or 4 per year to 20 or 30 turns per year. Eliminate expiring products. And most importantly, reduce hand's-on inventory to free up cash. Supply chain can directly improve the bottom line of your hospital." - John Freund, CEO, Jump Technologies, Inc.

About Jump

With Jump Technologies, hospitals change the way supplies are managed, from demand through use. Jump Technologies’ solutions enable precise, automated supply management, driving significant cost and labor reductions. JumpTech solutions not only allow hospitals to more accurately manage inventory – reducing stock-outs, overstocks and waste – but also to track and manage supplies throughout the organization, from dock to destination.

Jump provides the tools to make a positive impact on the organization; reducing overstocking, stock-outs, hoarding, waste due to expirations, and cancelled procedures, while increasing inventory turns, data-driven decision making, and accurate forecasting and planning.

Organizations using Jump solutions are reducing inventory over 20% system-wide, and as much as 65% in some locations. In turn, these inventory reductions are freeing up cash and helping improve the bottom line. Hospitals are reducing labor spent on supply chain by 33% or more, including reductions of time clinicians spend on supply chain by up to 65%. Incoming freight charges are instantly tracked, and frequent recipients and departments driving overnight freight identified to flag inventory issues, allowing inventory adjustments to reduce rush costs. Revenues are improved through better patient charge capture and more accurate patient billing. And finally, visibility is created to supplies – wherever they are within a health system – to ensure tracking and management of supplies throughout.

We're so confident about savings, we guarantee ROI within 2 months.